Vaping Is Bad For The Immune System, Says Study

A person smokes an e-cigarette

A study found that the e-cigarette's vapour can disable important immune cells and boost inflammation in our lungs, reported BBC.

Researchers mimicked vaping in a laboratory, testing the effect of e-cigarette vapour condensate on alveolar macrophages extracted from the lung tissue samples of eight non-smokers.

In an experimental study led by Prof David Thickett, a mechanical procedure was used to replicate vaping in a laboratory at the University of Birmingham.

"We should have a cautious scepticism that they are as safe as we are being led to believe", Thickett said.

"Importantly, exposure of macrophages to [e-cigarette vapour condensate] induced numerous same cellular and functional changes in [alveolar macrophage] function seen in cigarette smokers and patients with COPD", they said.

While e-cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes, they may still be harmful in the long term, Thickett explained as the current body of research is in its infancy and not able to answer that question yet.

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The review concluded there was "overwhelming evidence" they were far safer than smoking and "of negligible risk to bystanders" and advised they should be available on prescription because of how successful they had been in helping people give up smoking.

Public Health England (PHE) has told smokers that vaping is a preferable habit because it "poses only a small fraction of the risks" and switching completely from smoking to vaping conveys "substantial health benefits". And inflammation is one of today's leading medical blame-carriers for all sorts of additional health woes, with this study suggesting it interferes with the alveolar macrophages in the lungs that pull out dust and infections.

The condensate was found to be more harmful to the cells than plain e-cigarette fluid, and the effects worsened as the "dose" was increased.

After 24 hours of exposure the total number of viable cells exposed to the vaped condensate was significantly reduced compared to the untreated cells, and condensate containing nicotine exaggerated this effect.

Britton said: "This indicates that long-term use of electronic cigarettes is likely to have adverse effects, as is widely recognised by leading health authorities in the United Kingdom including the Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England". British scientists have expressed "great reservations about the widespread view that electronic cigarettes are safe".

You know how all the smokers switched from analogue cigarettes to new and supposedly healthier digital versions that need batteries and fluids purchasing from the weird shops that are popping up everywhere?

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