Arctic's Oldest, Thickest Ice in Pieces

Arctic's Oldest, Thickest Ice in Pieces

"Open water off the north coast of Greenland is unusual". The ice has already been displaced to a spot where it will melt more easily the next time warm weather arrives up north. "The ice is being pushed away from the coast by the winds". "This area has often been called "the last ice area" as it has been suggested that the last perennial sea ice in the Arctic will occur here", Danish Meteorological Institute's Ruth Mottram said. The Arctic Ocean's Transpolar Drift Stream pushes ice away from Siberia and piles it up around northern Greenland and the Canadian Archipelago, like rubble in thick ridges around four to five meters thick.

Scientists called it "the last ice area", believing the oldest and thickest section of Arctic sea ice north of Greenland would be the last to remain as our planet warms.

Norway's ice service said Svalbard's sea ice area for 21 August was 111,968 sq km, adding "this is 115,969 sq km below the 1981-2010 average". Now that "the last ice area" has started to break up, experts are now saying the true last holdout of the region may be further west. The result? A "new normal" of collapsing sea ice in the summer. "Just one extended period of winds blowing north or northwest, et voilà, one can nearly circumnavigate Greenland".

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This week, NASA's Oceans Melting Greenland project will be returning to the Arctic waters around Greenland for its third year in a row gathering data on the frozen ecosystem, and how the oceans around Greenland are melting its glaciers.

Off the coast of Barrow and Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, there's another patch of thick, multi-year ice. But now, according to satellite images, a big piece of that Greenland coastal ice suddenly vanished or was reduced to floating bits and slush. For the second time this year, the frozen waters cracked open to reveal the sea beneath them in an event that scientists are calling "scary".

This is the lowest area for this day of the year in our records dating back to 1967.

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