New Westworld Season 2 Theories From Episode 2, "Reunion"

New Westworld Season 2 Theories From Episode 2,

And if Delos created a flawless host copy of a world leader or a powerful billionaire and sent it out into the real world-which is, incidentally, exactly what happened in the sequel to the 1973 movie on which Westworld is based-who would know the difference? There's a scene in the episode where William is seen pitching Delos the potential that he sees in the park.

Amid the multiple timelines taking place in "Reunion" is a flashback revealing how a younger William (Jimmi Simpson) introduced Westworld to his father-in-law, James Delos (Peter Mullen). For Delos, Westworld is an opportunity to study how people behave when they think they're truly unconstrained.

The episode is in the real world and Arnold is with Dolores. He treats Dolores like she is his other "child", as he warmly talks about his two progeny uniquely seeing the beauty and possibility of the world. And does it feel more or less headache-inducing this time, given that the show seems to be dealing these particular cards face-up? We got a tease of this supposed weapon in a shot which shows some kind of crane or bridge-like structure snapped in the middle. Clearly, that's not Bernard Lowe but Arnold Weber, the co-creator of Westworld. Knowing Logan as we do, it's no surprise that a quick roll in the hay is what convinces him to invest.

To make things even more awkward, Dolores was serving as the entertainment and played on the piano while William and his family were standing close by. That's all they told us explicitly - but we also know that it goes deeper than data. So Dolores is well aware of the nature of her reality.

Noticed a familiar face during the closing scenes of this week's episode? But it's also a painful reminder to Arnold that even though he finds Dolores charming and a cause for hope, she's still limited. A few minutes into her conversation with Arnold, Dolores unknowingly repeats the same whimsical observation she started with: "It looks like the stars have been scattered across the ground". But are her long-suppressed memories of abuse coming back in scattered pieces?

It seems like the Argos Initiative has a sinister goal and that Westworld could just be a cover for something else. Is that just a fancy name for what would become Westworld?

As our fragile cowboy looks at the proof of his programming and the images of his repeatedly murdered body, he seems to shatter. But what about Teddy?

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At Jim's retirement party, we finally see William's daughter, Emily, and his wife, who doesn't seem too impressed by Dolores - does she know what happened between them during William's first visit?

Duh. Of course, he is. He has his men kill themselves, and kills himself, rather than join the Man in Black and he leaves him with a message from Ford: this game is meant for him, but he must play it alone. There is no need to ask Bernard's question of "is this now?" as Reunion's temporal manipulations are in service to the characters instead of trying to trick the viewers. However, an unseen God was still "tallying up all their sins".

But where does this place Westworld? Is it an evolution of Facebook's data-mining practices? "This is the only place in the world where you get to see people for what they really are", he says as part of his pitch, a sentiment he echoes later in a sinister monologue to Dolores.

If this proves true, Season 2 will be a battle between Delos and Dolores to see who can get to the DNA first.

Exactly what goal William would have had in building any of these items is questionable (though making a massive portable laser available to the hosts might qualify as anyone's "greatest mistake"), but hopefully we'll find out more in future episodes. From Logan at the robot party to William selling Papa Devos on the park to the retirement/coronation and then blammo back to Dolores and her henchmen splattering Confederados on the hunt for some giant weapon. And does she remember it now?

Brian: There were a bunch of notable meetups this week, from William and Lawrence to William and El Lazo (more on that in a second) to Dolores and her new undead army (more on this, too), but my favorite moment was Dolores and Maeve bumping into each other with their respective henchmen/lovers getting all trigger happy.

Who was playing El Lazo?

And what did Ford want William to learn on this quest?

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