Kremlin claims new weapons are 'not the start of arms race'

Победа Нафтогаза над Газпромом эксперт рассказал чем ответит Россия

And who better for it to come from than Vladimir Putin?

The day before, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented new weapons systems during his annual address to the parliament. Putin tells Kelly that Russia will respond with nuclear weapons under two conditions - if anyone attacks Russia with nuclear weapons, aaaaaand ... if anyone attacks Russia with anything else, too.

He also admitted the Russian weapons were in various stages of development, but some were battle ready.

"All of those tests were successful".

So, there is a reality here behind the rhetoric - even if numerous weapons systems outlined by Mr Putin are still very much in the developmental stage.

The Russian military already has put one such type of missile on duty in the Southern Military District, he said.

The US insists it has only deployed limited defensive systems to counter the specific threat of long-range missiles from Iran or North Korea.

Although Putin said his announcement was meant to get America's attention, he also said he was open to talks with the U.S. Any attack or a nuclear one?

Russia's development of new weapons was nothing but a response to the U.S. withdrawal from the ABM treaty, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday.

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While it was not possible assess the actual readiness of the weapons depicted during Putin's speech, US officials and arms control experts said Putin's announcement was not surprising, and seems to involve weapons that Russian Federation was known to have in development or that are far from being fully operational.

In the aftermath of the Russian president's bellicose speech in Moscow, NATO said in a statement on Friday that it views the threats made against allies as detrimental to global pacts, which demand trust between the involved parties.

The seriousness of the developments in the Russian nuclear program are under some question, and Putin's vague "we're still working on them" isn't going to impress anyone further.

He said the Avangard's development had become possible thanks to the creation of new materials.

Some systems - including most likely a very long range nuclear-tipped torpedo - avoid missile defences altogether by operating in a totally different environment - the sea - rather than travelling through space. Our systems are capable of intercepting a few ballistic missiles, not an overwhelming number of them.

Putin has stressed that his speech could not be considered a beginning of the arms race as it is a retaliatory response to the U.S. withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM Treaty), as well as to the process of creating a global system of missile defense, according to the spokesman.

Jane's by IHS Markit noted that coming after the US nuclear posture review Putin's statement "not only signals strength to a domestic Russian audience, but is a clear sign to the USA that Russia will continue to modernize its nuclear forces to ensure their credibility".

One other thing to keep in mind: Putin is facing a presidential election in less than three weeks.

Numerous technologies presented by Mr Putin have been known about for some time.

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