Salma Hayek "Felt Ashamed" for Not Speaking Out About Harvey Weinstein Earlier

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However, the Wild Wild West star said that for years she felt too ashamed to come forward and talk about Weinstein's sexual harassment, and was anxious about going public because she didn't want her 10-year-old daughter Valentina to know.

Hayek Pinault has already detailed the turmoil she experienced during the making of Frida, which she co-produced as well as starring in, in a 2017 article for the New York Times. The film went on to win an Academy Award, and it was a huge price to pay for Hayek who said Weinstein sexually assaulted her. And then I felt ashamed that I was a coward.

"I didn't know there was so many women".

"I have my own experiences that have come back to me very vividly, and I find it really hard to sleep, hard to think, hard to communicate a lot of the feelings that I've been having about anxiety, honest, the guilt for not speaking up earlier", she said. "I thought of the shame (sic)".

Salma said, "When it came out, then I was ashamed that I didn't speak up and then when so many women came out, it was a unusual sensation". "We are told, 'You have to be the Virgin Mary, but you have to do what I say when I say, OK?"

"There is a moment, and I feel like it's human, where I was like, there's no point for me to talk because it just happens to everyone, and then I felt that by itself, it was just my own little drama. You have to be attractive but you cannot be too attractive because then you are telling me that I can do whatever I want with you.' What the f*ck is with you?"

Addressing victims, she said, "I am a short, Mexican-Arab, angry woman. but I don't let that anger blur my vision".

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Hayek concluded her in-depth conversation with Winfrey by declaring that the Time's Up movement "is not going to be a moment". I thought of my daughter... Winfrey said Witherspoon was showing signs of suffering from PTSD, including crying at the mention of Weinstein's name and not being able to sleep.

As in most collaborative projects, there was creative friction on Frida, and in this case, it served to drive the project to perfection.

'Mr. Weinstein apologizes for his boorish behavior following a screening of "Frida;" prompted by his disappointment in the cut of the movie-and a reason he took a firm hand in the final edit.

To quote Quincy Jones, Harvey Weinstein is a jive motherfucker.

"Mr. Weinstein regards Salma Hayek as a first-class actress and cast her in several of his movies, among them "Once Upon a Time in Mexico, ' 'Dogma, ' and 'Studio 54, '" the statement continued". She made it clear that the Weinstein scandal is not singular. The actress has spoken out again and revealed why she waited so long to speak.

On Wednesday evening, Hayek spoke in person with Oprah Winfrey for her SuperSoul Conversations series (the conversation will be available on the podcast).

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