North Korea says USA will make FIRST STRIKE in nuclear apocalypse warning

Trump says US losing advantage over Russia and China

He pointed out that Russian Federation will not "forcibly deport anyone to North Korea". USA ally South Korea would not want to be the only Korea left without a nuclear device. It is not yet believed to have the capability to mount a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile.

Donald Trump would then face a hard problem: how to avoid being the president who allowed North Korea to achieve the capability to hit the United States homeland with nuclear weapons. The Trump administration, for its part, says it's "willing to engage in a prudent arms control agenda" while dismissing the idea of marginalizing nuclear weapons as a defense tool.

South Korea's meteorological agency said Tuesday the natural disaster originated from an area about 30 miles north-northwest of Kilju, North Hamgyong Province, and is likely to have been triggered by North Korea's sixth nuclear test conducted September 3, 2017, News 1 reported. Despite an worldwide outcry and crippling sanctions, Pyongyang has refused to scale back its nuclear ambitions.

An increasingly popular assumption is that the price of living with a nuclear-armed North Korea that can destroy prime targets on the United States mainland is higher than risking a second Korean War.

"We ask that you provide a clear reasoning and justification for his removal from consideration", the senators said in their letter, calling Cha's derailment from the ambassador position "disturbing".

A lawmaker in Seoul said some 36,000 foreigners had been banned from entering South Korea, including people connected with extremist groups such as Islamic State, to ensure security during the Games. "In the middle, it should try to find a common ground between North Korea and the USA", he said.

"Every time the US-ROK response has been relevant and strong, supported by contingency plan preparations that make it clear that if North Korea escalates the Alliance is ready for major war, North Korea backs down".

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Koh Yu-hwan, a North Korea expert at Dongguk University, agreed that the United States touching on the North Korea's internal human rights problems is in line with its maximum pressure campaign.

North Korea has a history of responding harshly, even hysterically, to mentions of their human rights abuses.

Certainly China and Russian Federation, which do not hide their territorial ambitions, could potentially disrupt the worldwide order by flaunting their status as nuclear superpowers - and North Korea is a serious global menace as it threatens the worldwide community with its nuclear bombs and missiles. It has toned down its threats lately, with its preparations for its participation in the Winter Olympics this month in South Korea.

"The problem is that North Korea has no determination to give up its nuclear weapons program".

The editorial goes on to accuse Trump of laying the ground work in the minds of the public for military action against North Korea, which is one accusation that many America pundits have echoed.

The Games opening ceremony will also be attended by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other world leaders.

Similarly, in 1994, when the US cooked up plans to bomb a North Korean nuclear reactor, Pyongyang soon submitted to talks, though they ultimately backed out.

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